torsdag 20 februari 2014

Physics lllusion 5: Particles as Force Carriers

        Is Hermes as boson as carrier of force between fermions Greek mythology rather than physics? 

The Standard Model identifies two main types of elementary particles: fermions as carriers of charge and mass such as the electron and proton, and bosons as carriers of force such as the photon supposedly carrying the electromagnetic force and carriers of the weak and strong nuclear force.

The Standard model thus includes the electromagnetic, weak and strong forces,  but the 4th fundamental force of gravitation is excluded, which is viewed to be a main defect of the Standard Model defying all attempts of correction.

The hypothetical carrier of the gravitational force is the graviton, but there is no experimental evidence of the existence of such a particle.

From these facts, it is natural to question the fundamental idea of the Standard Model that there are certain carriers of forces in the form of boson particles carrying forces over distance between fermions: If there is no particle carrying the gravitational force from the Sun to the Earth, why must there be a particle named photon carrying electromagnetic forces from mobile telephone mast to the mobile phone in our hand, like a Hermes of electromagnetics? A particle without mass and charge which has not been identified experimentally.

In the New View we turn the perspective around and view the boson force field with everywhere presence in space as primordial from which the fermion field is locally generated and acted upon without any need of carrying force over distance. This opens to a reduction of the number of elementary particles by eliminating particles serving the purpose of carrying forces around.

In the New View the force field is everywhere present and is not carried around. In the New View the gravitational field is everywhere, from which matter is locally generated thus eliminating the need of instantaneously carrying force over  distance.

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