tisdag 25 oktober 2016

Real Quantum Mechanics: New Book

I am now starting to compile RealQM into a new book and I have put up a very first version for inspection.

The book follows in the foot steps of Schrödinger with a hope that it could have made him smile:

måndag 24 oktober 2016

And God Said Gravitational Potential!

The question if we live in a simulation is discussed by Ethan Siegel with reference to the 2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation?

The debate connects to my app on Dark Energy at App Store allowing you to play with a cosmological model where gravitational potential $\phi$ is primordial from which mass $\rho$ is connected through the equation $\rho =\Delta\phi$ of local differentiation with the Laplacian differential operator $\Delta$.

In this model a fluctuation of $\phi$ around a zero initial state can create massiv positive and negative mass $\rho$ through the action of differentiation with the power of amplifying fluctuations, thus generating (seemingly out of nothing) universa of positive and negative mass which repel each other and drift apart.

What we can see may thus be one universe of positive mass with its negative counterpart since long gone beyond sight, but with the repellation still felt as dark energy.

Further, visible matter can be connected to $\Delta\phi$ being singular (like a delta-function), while dark matter may correspond to $\Delta\phi$ being smooth.

In the debate the idea of gravitation as primordial "operating system" is touched upon, but is not penetrated since the common view is that it is mass which is primordial from which gravitation magically is created by magic instant action at distance. Turning this common view around making gravitation/gravitational potential primordial, may open to understanding both dark matter and energy. What do you think?

onsdag 19 oktober 2016

Real Quantum Mechanics

Physics is wrong, from string theory to quantum mechanics. The three biggest figures in quantum mechanics, Schrödinger, Einstein and Dirac, were all quantum skeptics. (Roger Penrose in Discover Interview Sept 2009)

The approach to quantum mechanics in terms of classical realistic continuum mechanics, which I have explored in recent posts as Physical Quantum Mechanics, is now available for inspection in more precise terms in the following draft manuscript:
Here is a sample result: