söndag 11 november 2018

Turbulence Riddle Solved by AI as Automated Computational Mathematical Modeling ACMM

The (super)human intellect of Euler (1707-83) formulated Euler's equation for fluid flow.
The information society is based on computational mathematical modeling with Automated Computational Mathematical Modeling ACMM now emerging as a form of Artificial Intelligence AI.

The FEniCS Project is software for ACMM in a setting of (partial) differential equations (mathematical models of physical systems) offering automation of discretisation and computational solution. 

Unicorn/FEniCS is a unified solver for solid and fluid dynamics, which offers a solution to the major unsolved problem of mathematical modeling of turbulent fluid flow in the form of an automated turbulence model as the product of best possible computational solution of Euler's equations for fluid flow. 

This is presented by Johan Jansson in edX courses on High Performance Finite Element Modeling Part I and Part II. Take the courses and see yourself! This is a high-light of the educational program DigiMat carrying from basic school to university bringing ACMM to the people!

The turbulence model is the result of AI in the form of a computational procedure for finding a best possible solution to a set of partial differential equations formed by the Human Intelligence HI of Euler as the sharpest mind of the scientific revolution. Here HI sets the goal and ACMM is the factual process to reach the goal.

The solution of the riddle of turbulence thus comes out from a combination of HI and AI in a setting where HI showed to be too weak to give an answer, as witnessed by 

Werner Heisenberg:
  • When I meet God, I’m going to ask him two questions: why relativity? And why turbulence? I really believe he’ll have an answer for the first.
Horace Lamb:
  • I am an old man now, and when I die and go to heaven, there are two matters on which I hope for enlightenment. One is quantum electrodynamics and the other is the turbulent motion of fluids. About the former, I am really rather optimistic.
Turbulent flow (video) around a jumbojet in landing as best possible solution of Euler's equations.
We here view AI as an extension of HI and not (merely) as a replacement as in self-driving cars,
recalling that after all driving a car does not need much intelligence. But predicting turbulent flow does and requires both HI and AI.

Notice that AI is beyond full understanding of HI since AI is a self-learning system and not a system taught by HI. In particular the automatic turbulence model offered by ACMM is beyond full understanding by HI as a the result of a self-learning adaptive computational procedure, generating the turbulent viscosity which showed to be evasive for HI alone.

Notice further that once turbulent fluid motion can be simulated by ACMM, computational fluid environments can be set up for testing of airplane designs, training of pilots or self-learning of flying vehicles as a combined vehicle-environment application of AI.

fredag 9 november 2018

DigiMat = Ny Start för Matematik-IT

Matematik-IT gör nu en nystart under namnet DigiMat med den nya web-editorn p5.js för JavaScript lanserad av Processing som ersättning/komplement till den tidigare använda plattformen Codea.

DigiMat kommer att lanseras som en ny matematikutbildning för skolan/högskolan relaterad till FEniCS Project som open source plattform för automatiserad matematisk simulering.

DigiMat är en konkret realisering av den nya läroplanen för grundskolan med programmering som en  integrerad del av matematikämnet. DigiMat är det digitala samhällets matematikutbildning.

Huvudprincipen i DigiMat är att alla matematiska objekt konstrueras/beräknas genom exekvering av datorprogram. DigiMat är konstruktiv matematik med datorberäkning som motor.

DigiMat utvecklas av internationellt ledande forskare vid högskolan enligt de principer som driver den främsta forskningsfronten framåt (edX 1 och edX 2).  DigitMat ger en sammanhållen utbildning över alla stadier från förskola till högskola förankrad i en topp-position och ger därmed nytt innehåll och mening åt matematikämnet, i dagens digitala samhälle.

DigiMat erbjuder:
  • begriplig, meningsfull och intresseväckande matematik för alla elever
  • flexibel bredd och djup efter olika elevers förutsättningar     
  • high tech för elever med speciellt intresse för matematik och naturvetenskap
  • plattform för spelutveckling för hackers.

onsdag 7 november 2018

New Alarm: Light Bulbs Causing Dangerous Global Warming!

To the old alarm of global warming by CO2 emissions from burning of fossil fuel is now added a new alarm from the emission of light from light bulbs, issued by group of concerned climate scientists supported by UN.  Above is a map showing the light emitted by light bulbs during night over Europe. You see that there is a lot!

Basic physics tells according to the scientists that the light from light bulbs is reflected back from space onto the surface of the Earth with warming effect which is 100 times more intense than that 
from CO2. 

Immediate steps have been taken by the Swedish government to initiate a total reconstruction of Sweden into light-free society in a process to be completed by 2030. By a successive reduction by 50% per year of the energy spent on illuminating light bulbs, a completely dark society can become reality in so little as 10 years, says concerned politicians determined to do something: With this action Sweden will take the lead in a global transformation into a light-free world.  Of course that includes the light emitted by mobile and laptop screens. Sorry.

To survive the long dark winters in Sweden, light from burning wood in open fireplaces will be admitted during a period of transformation. On the other hand, in Summer time Sweden, in particular above the Polar Circle, will have an advantage of full light though the night which will give a much wanted boost to Swedish industry. It will also give Africa as an already dark continent an advantage.