söndag 16 juli 2017

Real Quantum Mechanics: Presentation

A draft of my talk at the upcoming 50th Anniversary of Journal of Structural Mechanics is now available for inspection:
Comments are welcome. See also the web site Real Quantum Mechanics.

måndag 10 juli 2017

Modern Physicists and Sailing

Lubos Motl with his blog The Reference Frame prides himself to be a physicist, with special expertise in string theory. In his last post, he shows complete ignorance about the physics of sailing which puts him in the same league as the Stephen Hawking he is criticizing for being illiterate about basic physics of planetary climate.

How can it be that physicists of today, who are viewed by the physics community (like Hawking) or are viewing themselves (like Motl) as carriers of deepest insight into the deepest mysteries of physics, can be totally ignorant about basic simple physics?

PS Lubos accepts a comment from me on his post, a rare event, pointing to the new theory of sailing and flying I have developed with Johan Hoffman and Johan Jansson. It will be interesting to see if Lubos will read and learn, or if the material will be too difficult for him to grasp...

Inflated "Greenhouse Effect"

A new study by Nikolov and Zeller supports the idea presented by several climate skeptics including myself that global temperature is the result of a thermodynamic gravito-thermal effect setting a lapse rate (decrease of temperature with altitude) of about 6.5 C/km and an effect of radiation to outer space occuring from an altitude of about 5 km (on rough average). The study reported at length on WND is published in Environment Pollution and Climate Change:
The study shows that the basic postulate of CO2 alarmism of a "greenhouse effect" from radiation alone without the gravito-thermal effect, gives CO2 a much inflated role as control knob for global temperature: Warming of 3 C upon doubling of CO2 as a 10 fold inflation of a possible real effect of at most 0.3 C, so small that it cannnot be observed and distinguished from natural variations and thus practically zero.

Monckton as lukewarmer skeptic of course immediately jumps in and questions Nikolov and Zeller instead of acknowledging elements of truth in their analysis, thus effectively supporting CO2 alarmism rather than the opposite. Sorry to say, I have met the same type of reaction, from also Spencer and Curry...maybe skeptics need alarmism to have a role to play and thus readily spend lots of energy on internal fight...

Leibniz said that it is always more interesting/productive to seek what is right in what someone is saying, than what is wrong; it is always possible to find a fault, maybe a missing comma, without properly  understanding anything, while properly understanding what is right requires more intelligence and real insight. Stupid people can find errors, but only clever people can find possibilites.

China Daily News reports that, as an effect of CO2 alarmism, France plans to forbid the use of fossil fuel driven vehicles by 2040...if not earlier...China prepares for heavy demand in Europe of electrical cars charged by solar panels all made in China boosted by massive fossil fuel...

lördag 8 juli 2017

Life as Sexual Mind-Body System

Here is a simple reflection on the eternal mind-body problem:

The basic idea is that (at least higher forms of) living organisms consist of a mind-body system, where the mind carries a representation/model of the exterior + organism supported by sensory input from the body. Part of the mind appears as consciousness carried by sensations/feelings over basically a range from pain to pleasure. To be conscious thus basically is to experience pain or pleasure as hunger or sex, or more or less sublimated sensations from music, arts, poetry, science, sports,...

To give a robot life it is with this perspective necessary to give the robot the capacity of feeling pain and pleasure, with pain leading away from destruction and the ultimate of sexual pleasure driving reproduction. 

To give a robot life, it thus appears necessary to give the robot the capacity to helplessly fall in love and experience highest sexual pleasure together with one (or more) other robot(s) (of the same or opposite sex). Will this be possible? Is it desirable?

Another aspect on the role of experiencing pain (and pleasure): A tree is not equipped with a central nervous system capable of feeling pain, because it cannot move away from what causes the pain, or move closer to pleasure. In other words, our mind is coming along with our legs.

Hawking, Venus, Trump and Modern Physics

Media reports the shocking news that
Hawking is supposed to be one of the greatest now living physicists (the greatest?) with deep insights into the construction of the Universe comparable (or beyond?) to those of Einstein (and Newton of course).

But Hawking's statement shows an even more deep ignorance/illiteracy of basic elementary facts of physics: The surface of Venus is so much hotter (about 450 C) than that of the Earth (about 15 C) because the atmosphere is 100 times thicker and the atmospheric pressure 100 times higher, which by elementary thermodynamics comes with high temperature (since the atmosphere is also opaque). 

Hawking's statement shows that he does not understand basic physics and thermodynamics. It is then difficult to not ask the question if Hawking really better understands less basic facts of physics, such as physics of black holes as his specialty? 

How is it possible that a (the?) leading now living representative of modern physics shows a deep ignorance about basic physics? 

What does that say about the status of modern physics? What does that say about the progress of modern physics concerning the main current topics of multiversa, black holes, string theory...?

What do you say?

Or is Hawking deliberately misleading the general public because of some hidden political agenda?

onsdag 5 juli 2017

Wind Energie Needs 100% Back Up

A new study shows that wind energy needs 100% back up from conventional power (coal, gas, nuclear, hydro) and delivers less than 20% of installed power over time.

söndag 2 juli 2017

The Weak Science behind CO2 Alarmism to be Exposed

Washington Post reports:
This means that the very weak scientific support of fossil fuel CO2 alarmism will finally be exposed to the world and the dooms day bubble will collapse. All poor people can now look forward to a brighter future with improved living conditions from cheap fossil fuel without dangerous climate impact:  New York Times reports that 1600 new coal plants are about to be built around the world.

Compare with this new frontier research discovery giving new perspective and insight into human condition and global warming.

lördag 1 juli 2017

Physics as Oscillating Systems

To get an overview to prepare entering into realQM it may be illuminating to recall that the mathematical model of a physical system which has permanence over time in the form of oscillations between two different states, typically takes the form:
  • $i\dot\varphi + A\varphi = 0$      (1)
where $\varphi =\varphi_1 +i\varphi_2$ is a complex-valued function with $\varphi_1(x,t)$ and $\varphi_2(x,t)$ representing the different states being real-valued functions of a 3d space coordinate $x$ and a time coordinate $t$, with $i$ the imaginary unit and the dot signifying differentiation with respect to time, and $A\varphi \equiv A\varphi_1+iA\varphi_2$ with $A$ a symmetric operator acting on real-valued functions. We understand that (1) is a condensed complex-valued form of the following system on real-valued form:
  • $\dot\varphi_1 =-A\varphi_2$, $\dot\varphi_2 = A\varphi_1$   (2)
where the oscillatory nature is exhibited: $\varphi_1$ changes with input from $A\varphi_2$ and $\varphi_2$ changes with input from $A\varphi_1$. We understand that there is nothing magical in the complex-valued form (1) as it is only shorthand for the real-valued system (2) simply expressing oscillation between two states.

With different operators $A$ the equation (1) (or system (2)) covers:
  1. Physics (Harmonic oscillator): $A = identity$, $\varphi_2$ position, $\varphi_1$ velocity,
  2. Electro-magnetics (Maxwell’s Equations): $A =\nabla\times$, $\varphi_2=E$ electrical field, $\varphi_1=B$ magnetic field,
  3. Mechanics (Vibrating Elastic Plate): $A =\Delta$, $\varphi_2$ displacement velocity, $\varphi_1$ moment,
  4. Chemistry (Foxes and Rabbits): $A=identity$, $\varphi_1$ and $\varphi_2$ species densities,
  5. Quantum Mechanics (Schrödinger’s Equation): $A=H$ with $H$ Hamiltonian, $\varphi$ wave function.
We see that (1) encompasses the basic models of physics with quantum mechanics on the same footing as classical mechanics and electro-magnetics. We see oscillations between kinetic and potential/elastic energy, between species densities (foxes and rabbits), and in particular between electric and magnetic fields giving perspective on the oscillation between the real and imaginary parts of the wave function of quantum mechanics.

Hopefully, this can help to reduce the mystery of the complex form of Schrödinger's equation and give incentive to check out realQM.

The basic feature of (2) obtained by multiplication of the first equation by $\varphi_1$ (or $-\dot\varphi_2$) and the second by $\varphi_2$ (or $\dot\varphi_1$) and addition followed by integration in space, is conservation in time of
  • $\int (\varphi_1^2+\varphi_2^2)dx$,
  • $\int (\varphi_1A\varphi_1+\varphi_2A\varphi_2)dx$,
capturing oscillation between two states; when $\varphi_1$ is big $\varphi_2$ is small, and vice versa.

Inviscid fluid mechanics can also be formulated as (a generalisation of ) (2):
  • $\dot v + \nabla p= 0$, $\dot p + \nabla\cdot v=0$ with $v$ velocity and $p$ pressure.