måndag 10 juli 2017

Inflated "Greenhouse Effect"

A new study by Nikolov and Zeller supports the idea presented by several climate skeptics including myself that global temperature is the result of a thermodynamic gravito-thermal effect setting a lapse rate (decrease of temperature with altitude) of about 6.5 C/km and an effect of radiation to outer space occuring from an altitude of about 5 km (on rough average). The study reported at length on WND is published in Environment Pollution and Climate Change:
The study shows that the basic postulate of CO2 alarmism of a "greenhouse effect" from radiation alone without the gravito-thermal effect, gives CO2 a much inflated role as control knob for global temperature: Warming of 3 C upon doubling of CO2 as a 10 fold inflation of a possible real effect of at most 0.3 C, so small that it cannnot be observed and distinguished from natural variations and thus practically zero.

Monckton as lukewarmer skeptic of course immediately jumps in and questions Nikolov and Zeller instead of acknowledging elements of truth in their analysis, thus effectively supporting CO2 alarmism rather than the opposite. Sorry to say, I have met the same type of reaction, from also Spencer and Curry...maybe skeptics need alarmism to have a role to play and thus readily spend lots of energy on internal fight...

Leibniz said that it is always more interesting/productive to seek what is right in what someone is saying, than what is wrong; it is always possible to find a fault, maybe a missing comma, without properly  understanding anything, while properly understanding what is right requires more intelligence and real insight. Stupid people can find errors, but only clever people can find possibilites.

China Daily News reports that, as an effect of CO2 alarmism, France plans to forbid the use of fossil fuel driven vehicles by 2040...if not earlier...China prepares for heavy demand in Europe of electrical cars charged by solar panels all made in China boosted by massive fossil fuel...

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  1. En 1 juli 2017 New York Times artikel säger att "Kinesiska företag bygger eller planerar att bygga mer än 700 nya kolanläggningar hemma och runt om i världen, vissa i länder som idag förbränner lite eller inget kol, enligt talar som sammanställts av Urgewald, en miljögrupp baserad i Berlin. , 1 600 kolanläggningar planeras eller håller på att byggas i 62 länder ... De nya anläggningarna skulle utöka världens koleldade kraftkapacitet med 43 procent ... Några av de länder som är inriktade på kolkraftsutbyggnad, som Egypten eller Pakistan, för närvarande bränner nästan inget kol, och de nya kolanläggningarna kan sätta kursen för sin nationella energipolitik i årtionden, varnar miljöaktivister. "
    Uppenbarligen håller kineserna inte med om att "vetenskapen är avgjort" eller att de inte skulle göra detta. Eller kanske de inte bryr sig.
    Hursomhelst verkar de åtgärder som diskuteras i denna artikel vara meningslösa.