tisdag 18 februari 2014

Physics Illusion 1: Gravitational Attraction as Instant Action at Distance

In New View of Motion under Gravitation I suggest to view gravitational potential $\phi (x,t)$ as primordial and matter density $\rho (x,t)$ generated by $\phi$ by action of the Laplacian: $\rho (x,t) =\Delta\phi (x,t)$ which is local space and time, with $x$ a Euclidean space coordinate and $t$ time.

With this view there is no action at distance, which is the main unresolved mystery of Newton's mechanics with matter density $\rho$ primordial and gravitational potential $\phi$ as the solution of the differential equation $\Delta\phi =\rho$.  Istant action at distance has never been explained.

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