onsdag 19 februari 2014

Physics Illusion 3: Explanation of Michelson-Morley Null Result

In the previous post we considered a system of two distant resonators E and R connected by electromagnetic waves in a vacuum between the resonators, which can take the following form
  • E = radio mast - vacuum - R = radio receiver
  • E = mobile phone mast - vacuum -  R = mobile phone
  • E = radio star - vacuum - R = radio telescope
  • E = visible star - vaccum - R = telescope/eye.  
The velocity of the  E-vacuum-R system is here irrelevant as the system acts like one unity with E and R being connected by standing waves carried by an immaterial vacuum, which can be assumed to "move along with" E and R. 

The Michelson-Morely experiment was set up to detect possible motion of the Earth through an "ether medium" carrying electromagnetic waves, by comparing the travel time of light signals in two perpendicular directions using a system of mirrors: 

But no motion could be detected as if the "ether medium" was "dragged along" by the Earth. This was viewed as a contradiction to classical electromagnetics described by Maxwell's equations. To handle the illusion of contradiction, relativity theory was developed seeking to explain the Michelson-Morely null result by entirely new phenomena of length contraction and time dilation, which sent modern physics into a nightmare of mysteries.

However, it is possible to explain the Michelson-Morley null result without resort to mysteries of relativity: If we consider each pair of mirrors as a rigid system connected by standing electromagnetic waves in a vaccuum, then the orientation and velocity of the system will not affect the inner working of the system. The system acts like a clock ticking at the same rate independent of orientation and velocity. 

The key is that electromagnetic waves are carried by a vacuum which by its immaterial nature can be viewed to move along with the pair of mirrors. The immaterial nature makes it possible to envision many different vacuui. We cannot eat the same piece of food, but we can share the same immaterial ideas with any number of people.  

This is developed further in Many-Minds Relativity based on the principle that each observer is fixed to the origin of a Euclidean coordinate and relies on Maxwell's equations in this coordinate as a representation of the vacuum carrying electromagnetic waves. Different observers moving with respect to each other thereby use different coordinate systems or vacuui. Different observers will then have the same experiences inside their respective systems as a reflection of the Michelson-Morley null result. Different observers will be able fully agree about certain observations such as Michelson-Morley and the speed of light, but not fully about all observations. Full coordination is not possible but nor necessary. 

Einstein's special relativity seeks to establish full coordination by a dicate, but as any dictate against natural order, it is destructive.

Note that the resonators communicating by electromagnetic waves in a vaccum, connects to the New View of Motion under Gravitation without Classical Mysteries, where large scale material motion is an illusion created by real small scale circular wave motion. Energy is thus transferred from one resonator to the other by transversal electromagnetic wave motion in a vaccum, but there is no stream of "particles as packets of energy" through the vacuum connecting the resonators.

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