tisdag 14 januari 2014

What Science is Ready for Retirement?

The Edge web site hosts a collection of 173 articles on the theme What Science is Ready for Retirement? including the following highlights in my view:
  • Anton Zeilinger: There is No Reality in the Quantum World
  • Alan Gut: The Universe Began In A State Of Extraodinarily Low Entropy
  • Kai Krause: The Uncertainty Principle
  • Bruce Parker: Entropy
  • Frank Tipler: String Theory
  • David Deutsch: Quantum Jumps
  • Andrew Lih: Calculus
  • Matt Ridley: Malthusianism
  • Lee Smolin: The Big Bang was the First Moment of Time
  • Freean Dyson: The Collapse of the Wave Function
  • Haim Hariri: The Discovery of the Higgs particle Closes a Chapter in Particle Physics
  • Max Tegmark: Infinity
  • Frank Wilczek: Mind versus Matter
What I could add is for example
  • relativity theory
  • multidimensional linear Schrödinger equation
  • statistical mechanics
  • statistical interpretation of quantum mechanics
  • Kutta-Zhukovsky lift theory for flight
  • Prandtl boundary layer theory for drag.
  • Contemporary physics has lost contact with physical reality. Mysticism and fancy has resulted in quite irrational notions being proposed to account for the physical Universe. This conference is a return to rational physics in terms that are comprehensible to any educated person, not just a small group of specialists.
See further Kritische Stimmen zur Relativitätstheori where some of my own critical work is presented. 

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