onsdag 29 januari 2014

IOP Physics World: Nonsense Science

The Institute of Physics membership magazine Physics World educates its members in a collection of videos each lasting 100 seconds referred to as 100 Second Science. Browsing through some of the videos gives a shocking experience of non-science and political propaganda, such as
  1. How do aircraft remain in the sky?: Incorrect longer distance explanation.
  2. Is there a difference between climate skepticism and climate denial?: IPCC propaganda.
  3. Why should we care about climate change?: CO2 alarmism.
  4. How does quantum teleportation work?: Eentangled presentation without meaning.
  5. Why did einstein say God doesn't play dice?: Fuzzy is how it is: God does play dice.
  6. How do we know that the universe is flat?: Einstein's curved space-time is flat.
  7. What is m-theory?: Remains largely mysterious as a main challenge for the future.
  8. Why is fundamental science important?: Everything in life improved by the electron.
  9. What is the higgs boson?: Gives mass by slowing down motion?
  10. Can we see the motion of electrons on the atomic scale?: Yes?
  11. What is dark energy?: Since we don't know what it is, we call it dark.
  12. What is quantum gravity?: This remains as a question for 21st century physics!
  13. etc etc
This is nothing but incoherent nonsense. I suggest to add to the list of questions: How can this be the physics world of today?

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