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Why Is NASA Fooling the American People?

NASA Education is presented as
  • NASA’s journeys into air and space have deepened humankind’s understanding of the universe, advanced technology breakthroughs, enhanced air travel safety and security, and expanded the frontiers of scientific research. 
  • These accomplishments share a common genesis: education. As the United States begins the second century of flight, the Nation must maintain its commitment to excellence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education to ensure that the next generation of Americans can accept the full measure of their roles and responsibilities in shaping the future.
  •  NASA will continue the Agency’s tradition of investing in the Nation’s education programs and supporting the country’s educators who play a key role in preparing, inspiring, exciting, encouraging, and nurturing the young minds of today who will be the workforce of tomorrow.
Under NASA What Is Aerodynamics we can learn how a wing generates lift:

A yellow, elongated teardrop shape is surrounded by blue dashed lines

How Do an Airplane's Wings Provide Lift?
The shape of an airplane's wings is what makes it able to fly. Airplanes' wings are curved on top and flatter on the bottom. That shape makes air flow over the top faster than under the bottom. So, less air pressure is on top of the wing. This condition makes the wing, and the airplane it's attached to, move up. Using curves to change air pressure is a trick used on many aircraft. Helicopter rotor blades use this trick. Lift for kites also comes from a curved shape. Even sailboats use this concept. A boat's sail is like a wing. That's what makes the sailboat move. 

This is incorrect unphysical triviality, as known by any aerodynamicist. This is deliberate disinformation. Why is NASA fooling the American people?

The only possible answer is that NASA does not know how a wing generates. lift.

Compare with Interview with Glenn Research Center.

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