måndag 13 augusti 2012

Aerodynamics Education Collapsed

Virtual Aircraft Museum by Aviastar describes the generation of lift of an airplane wing as follows:

Lift occurs because air flows both over and under the surface of the wing. The wing is designed so that the top surface is "longer" than the bottom surface in any given crosssection. In other words, the distance between points A to B is greater along the top of the wing than under it. The air moving over the wing must travel from A to B in the same amount of time. Therefore, the air is moving faster along the top of the wing.
This creates a difference in air pressure above and below—a phenomenon called the Bernoulli effect. The pressure pushing up is greater than the downward pressure, and lift is created. If you're banking, lift occurs in a slightly sideways direction. If you're inverted, lift actually pulls you downward toward the ground. Note that lift occurs perpendicular to a line drawn parallel to the centerline of the wing and occurs at a slightly backward angle.

All aerodynamicists know that that this is all wrong. Compare with the Aviastar Vision&Mission:
  • AVIASTAR aims to be the aviation operator that commit to safety and provide customers safe and comfortable air charter service satisfaction. Optimistically, the high commitment of Board of Directors may lead us to be a credible, trustworthy, and accountable aviation operator, yet to have the integrity of being the best.
The explanation can only be that aerodynamics education has collapsed.  

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