lördag 11 augusti 2012

Theories of Flight and CO2 Global Warming: Similarities

The scientific theories of (i) flight and of (ii) CO2 global warming, share several qualities:
  1. Both were conceived more than 100 years ago by scientists using simplistic mathematics and physics: (i) Kutta-Zhukovsky-Prandtl and (ii) Tyndall-Arrhenius.
  2. Both have evolved little over 100 years and the original sources have been forgotten.
  3. Both are supported by shaky science.
  4. Both are contradicted by substantial scientific evidence.
  5. Both are backed by major governmental institutions: (i) NASA, MIT, (ii) IPCC, Academies,... 
  6. Both involve aero/thermo-dynamics of the atmosphere.
  7. Both handle criticism by classifying skeptics as cranks or deniers.
  8. Both are important to humanity.
I have come to these conclusions by a careful study of both theories including their histories, as recorded on this blog.

IPCC is now collapsing because the theory of CO2 global warming is not convincing. What will happen to NASA when it is understood that their theory of flight is incorrect?

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