fredag 20 maj 2016

New Theory of Flight Presented at KTH

The New Theory of Flight developed together with Johan Hoffmann and Johan Jansson will be presented at a KTHX seminar on May 26, see
Note that the starting point is the incompressible Euler equation formulated by Euler around 1750 and  presented as follows:
  • Everything that the theory of fluids contains is embodied in the two equations I have formulated. It is not the laws of mechanics that we lack in order to pursue this research, only the analysis which has not been sufficiently developed for this purpose.
What we do is to compute turbulent solutions of the Euler equations after having realised for the first time the development Euler is asking for,  and we then discover as predicted by Euler  "everything that the theory of fluids contains" or at least lots of it. 

Sometimes it takes a long time for a correct idea to bear fruit.

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