torsdag 26 maj 2016

Connection between Neo-Newtonian and Einsteinian Gravitational Theory

                                                 Hen laying eggs by local action. 

If you are a strong supporter of Einstein's general theory of relativity, like almost all modern physicists, then maybe you would be open to see the following connection with the Neo-Newtonian
theory I have been exploring in recent posts, with the gravitational potential $\phi$ viewed as primordial and matter density $\rho =\Delta\phi$ as derived by local action in space of the Laplacian $\Delta$ and with the gravitational potential playing the same role as the "space-time curvature" of Einstein:
  • space-time curvature tells matter to move along geodesics
  • gravitational potential tells matter to move according to Newton's 2nd Law
  • space-time curvature connected to matter by Einstein's equation
  • gravitational potential connected to matter by Poisson's/Newton's equation.
This connects to the iconic summary of general relativity by John Archibald Wheeler:
  • Spacetime tells matter how to move; matter tells spacetime how to curve,
where the "telling" goes both ways. 

But maybe it is enough that the "telling" only goes one way, maybe it suffices that the gravitational potential tells where matter will be and how it is to move. After all, it is only the equality $\rho =\Delta\phi$ that counts and thus has to be established is some way, and then possibly through one-way communication from $\phi$ to $\rho$ in some form of local action. 

Maybe it is enough to understand/explain how a hen can lay an egg by local action in a poultry yard, and leave out the much more difficult problem of how a hen can come out of an egg by global action outside the poultry yard.

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