fredag 7 februari 2020

Scientific American: No One Can Explain Why Planes Stay in the Air. We can.

Scientific American sends the shocking message:
  • No One Can Explain Why Planes Stay In The Air.
Yes, it is true that there is no scientific explanation to be found within the established aerodynamics community in academics and industry why it is possible to fly. Without proper understanding the design of airplanes has to rely on trial and error and the Boeing 737 Max debacle gives harsh evidence of the danger of this approach.    

But there is an explanation as a New Theory of Flight developed outside the established aerodynamics community based on mathematics and computation which allows accurate prediction of full flight characteristics of an aeroplane and which is well documented in articles, books and open source software, and which the reveals the Secret of Flight for scientists and engineers and is also understandable to the general public.  Take a look an get enlightened! 

I will now take contact with Scientific American and suggest a follow up article presenting the New Theory of Flight. Attention is needed.

To connect to the Scientific American article check out Old Theory, a travesty. 

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  1. You are good at DFS, but poor on PR.

  2. Maybe you are right. Can you give some advice on PR?

    1. Unfortunately not. I am poor on PR myself.