fredag 28 februari 2020

Banach Documentary: Digital Math: Body and Soul

Together with Per Enflo and Johan Jansson I participate in a documentary about the great Polish mathematican Stefan Banach, to be shown in Polish TV in March. The film was shown to an invited audience at Fokus in Östervåla Fokus 22/2 followed by a discussion about Banach and our connections to his work. The historical event is recorded at the Per Enflo web site and featured on Icarus Digital Math.

The film has appeared in festivals of documentary film and will be shown at KTH in the Spring and maybe also on Swedish State Television. Stay tuned.

The title of the film is
  • Banach: Between Spirit and Matter
with a connection the inscription on the grave stone of Steinhaus, who discovered Banach's talent and became his teacher:
  • Mathematics connects Soul to Matter
which is basically the same as the leading theme of the series of books:
as made clear in the film.

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