söndag 16 februari 2020

Strong State: Scaring or Comforting?

Swedish Social Democracy 2020: Stronger Safer
A Strong State pretending to have a mission, can use one of two basic strategies:
  1. Fear-Mongering: Imminent Threat! Alarm! The State protects you.
  2. Comforting: No Threat! No Alarm! The State takes care of you.
There are many examples of 1. through history collapsing to state terror. Swedish Social Democratic Society peaking in the 1950s is an example of 2.

Today we see a Swedish Social Democratic Society, which has switched mode from 2 to 1, in the name of climate alarmism set on a road supported by a new climate law to be the first fossil free welfare state by 2050 in another great leap forward, as an example of a new brave world to be followed by the entire world. 

Once that new brave world is reached, Swedish Social Democratic Society will return to mode 2. Only 30 years of great leap state terror with the end as usual justifying the means.

But is climate alarmism starting to crack already today? Yes, there are signs like this one.

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