måndag 13 november 2017

Physics Needs Help

Eric Weinstein delivers as a Big Think the message that
  • Physics needs a new lone genius.
  • Do we need a radical rethinking?
  • Is there something wrong with the fundamentals?
  • Is Einstein in fact wrong to slip in space-time?
  • But the question is, why are they (the physics community) stumped?
  • Is it (the help) going to come from some completely strange source, maybe somebody who is a self-teacher off the grid (like Einstein or Weinstein)?
Is there any reason to listen to (W)einstein, as an outsider? Yes, why not? The scene is open. In particular, Einstein's space-time mix appears to be a stumbling block and may well be ready for revision...compare with Many-Minds Relativity...

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  1. Well this genius was around for more than 10000 years, in the name of Maharishi Kapila who is the Creator of the Vedic text 'Sankhya Karika', which is in fact a holistic Unified Field Theory of Physics and Cosmology. This theory is based on first principles through axiomatic logic. Starting from the fact that there must be some spatially defined finite physical entity (how small it may be), which would be the most fundamental building block of the Universe. It analyses the stresses (compressional, expansional and vibratory) on this element and what it means to multiply this element in a self-similar scale -invariant (think Golden Section/Ratio) way, up to the whole Universe.
    It is the precise opposite how western science started off, by subdividing the Universe into smaller and smaller sections until only a ‘point’ is left. Unfortunately, there can never be a point, since the point is not a physical entity.
    The above Sankhya theory predicts many of the experimentally derived parameters of western science, through the mathematical expansion of the assumed axiomatic logic and uses simple integer math, and not the (unnecessary) complex math of western science.
    This Vedic text was unfortunately never discovered (re-discovered) as scientific text and even the Hindu religion (which is based on these Vedic scriptures) only recognizes it as a Philosophy of a way of life to be followed.
    For more information see: “The Sceret of Sankhya by By G. Srinivasan” Part 1 http://www.kapillavastu.com/uploads/SecretofSankhyaAcmeofAxiomaticUnification.pdf
    and Part 2 http://www.kapillavastu.com/uploads/Secret_Sanhya_Part_2.pdf
    and the complete information on this website: http://www.kapillavastu.com/