söndag 6 oktober 2013

Whereof the Royal (Academy) Can(not) Speak

The Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf  is, according to the Swedish Constitution from 1975, not allowed to speak out on anything of importance and thus has only a ceremonial role.

However, the King being a devoted environmentalist with a sharp brain has found a canal to reach out to the Swedish people through his Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, in charge of the Noble Prizes  (delivered from the hands of the King) with the 2013 prizes to be announced the coming week.

In particular, the King made a statement in support of the IPCC Assessment Report 4 from 2007 sending the world a global warming alarm in the form of The Scientific Basis for Climate Change presented under Science in Society on the web site of the Academy.

Accordingly the Academy acted as the forum for the presentation to the world of the new IPCC Assessment Report 5 with even more alarm, supported by Climate Change: the state of science and a tribute to the first chairman of IPCC: Climate Change: Bert Bolin and beyond.

The King is now working on an update of his statement The Scientific Basis for Climate Change to make it accurately represent the increased alarm (from 90% to 95%) expressed in the new IPCC Assessment Report 5.

The Republican Party, which finds no scientific evidence of alarming global warming from human CO2 emissions, claims that the support of IPCC alarm expressed by the King and his Royal Academy violates the Swedish constitution and a constitutional crisis now seems inevitable. In the worst scenario the Royal Academy will have to be shut down along with all Royal Castles, which is alarming (96%) to Swedish interests all over the globe and thus to the world.

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