fredag 11 oktober 2013

Abstract Nordic Seminar in Computational Mechanics Oslo Oct 23-25: Breaking the Spell of Prandtl

                                                          Movie is here

The abstract for my upcoming talk at NCSM26 in Oslo Oct 23-25 is now available as
The talk presents in particular the first ab initio direct computational simulation of the flow of air around an airplane at large angle of attack and low velocity at landing, in close accordance to measured pressure distributions. This represents a major breakthrough in Computational Fluid Dynamics blocked for hundred years by a spell of Prandtl requiring impossible computational resolution of thin boundary layers demanding trillions of mesh points. 

We use a slip boundary condition modeling the small skin friction of slightly viscous air flow which does not generate and thus does not require resolution of boundary layers. We obtain pressure distributions using three millions of mesh points matching observations, and conclude that boundary layers have little impact (for slightly viscous flow) and thus do not have to be resolved. The spell of Prandtl is thereby broken.

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