onsdag 12 september 2012

The Effect of the Green-House Conspiracy with 20 Year Delay

It is illuminating to watch the CH 4 UK documentary Green House Conspiracy from 1990. We see that the hoax of CO2 global warming was effectively deconstructed twenty years ago, by media which then turned into one-sided propaganda machines for CO2 alarm leading up to its peak at the beginning of the Copenhagen Climate Conference in 2009. Media which were unable to counter the collapse of CO2 alarmism that followed the collapse towards the end of the conference.

Evidently, the effect of the media documentary came out full force with a 20 year delay.

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  2. I tried to comment on the "Green House Conspiracy" site as follows:

    "In 1991, the year after this documentary was made, the Magellan spacecraft obtained detailed measurements of the Venusian atmospheric temperature and pressure as a function of altitude above that planet's surface. Only after 19 years, in 2010, I was the first scientist to perform a proper comparison of Venus and Earth atmospheric temperatures – that is, at points of equal pressure in the two atmospheres, over the range of Earth tropospheric pressures:


    It is definitive proof that there is no global warming greenhouse effect. It also shows that the Earth's troposphere, like Venus's, is warmed by direct absorption of incident solar radiation, rather than by heat from a warmed surface as scientists overwhelmingly believe today. The basic, accepted physics has been wrong, in the face of this definitive counter evidence, of two detailed planetary atmospheres, for a generation."

    ...but the site only informs me "an error has occurred...try again later...". And meanwhile, the entire scientific establishment is practicing, not science at all (which is the search for truth), but avoidance of the truth. In the context of professional responsibility, climate science (and to a large extent, the ongoing, vain debate over it) is but a criminal enterprise, performed and accepted by scientific incompetents, pretending to be experts, at every stage.