onsdag 26 september 2012

Letter to NASA Glenn Research Center

Thomas Benson
Glenn Research Center

Hi again Tom:

I hope you are willing to continue the interview from 2009. Since then we have completed our New Theory of Flight which is presented on the web site The Secret of Flight.

The New Theory is now under review by AIAA with communication recorded here.

In your Beginners Guide to Aeronautics you still write:
  • The real details of how an object generates lift are very complex and do not lend themselves to simplification. 
  • To truly understand the details of the generation of lift, one has to have a good working knowledge of the Euler Equations.
My questions:

1. Do you have the required "working knowledge of the Euler Equations" and do you "truly understand the details of the generation of lift"?

2. If not, can you direct me to a person at NASA or outside with this knowledge?

3. Since 2009 you have added circulation theory, with starting vortex et cet, to the Beginners Guide.
Is this supposed to be the knowledge asked for in 1?

I hope you will answer my questions, and also take up the New Theory of Flight to discussion/evaluation at NASA.

We have massive evidence from mathematics, computation and experiment supporting the New Theory and we are confident that we have something new of genuine interest to NASA.

Best regards,


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