tisdag 18 september 2012

Airbus: Free-Glide Approaches and Landing

Airbus presents on its web site as a Smarter Skies vision to use Free-Glide Approaches and Landing:

  • Allowing aircraft to take free glide approaches into airports would lower emissions during the overall decent and reduce noise during the steeper approach as there is no need for engine thrust or air breaking.
  • These approaches also would reduce the landing speed earlier, making shorter landing distances achievable with less runway needed.
To come up with designs allowing free-glide with reduced landing speeds, accurate computational simulation of the full aircraft at large angles of attack would be very useful. 

The open source FEniCS/Unicorn Navier-Stokes/slip solver for slightly viscous incompressible flow, seems to have the capability for such a task.

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  1. What happened to your post regarding your letter to the chief editor of AIAA concerning re-review of your paper?