tisdag 20 januari 2015

Funeral of Schrödinger's Cat in Sweden

Swedish physics professors Karl Erik Eriksson and Bengt Gustavsson performed a symbolic academic funeral of (i) Schrödinger's cat along with (ii) multiversa and (iii) probabilistic dice interpretations of quantum mechanis, in a worthy ceremony at the Alma-Löv art museum in Värmland in the heart of Sweden on November 20, 2014.

I fully agree with these professors of physics that the modern physics of (i)-(iii) is dead and that the funeral thus puts an end to three tragic episodes of physics, as the Queen of sciences and tremendous success, see post of Jan 16.

From the ashes a new form of quantum mechanics may emerge, maybe in the form of a physical quantum mechanics based on a second order real-valued Schrödinger equation without cat, dice and parallel worlds, as discussed in recent posts.

Recall that the reason to introduce the dice leading to the cat and parallel worlds, was that the standard first order complex-valued form of Schrödinger's equation, does not describe any physics.

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