torsdag 15 maj 2014

Lennart Bengtsson vs Royal Swedish Academy on Swedish Climate Science and Politics

Lennart Bengtsson indicates that the statement from 2009 by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on the Scientific Basis of Climate Change, authored mainly by himself as leading Swedish climate scientist and expressing (cautious) support of the CO2-alarmism propagated by IPCC, is due to a revision.

Since 2009 LB has turned from supporter to skeptic of IPCC CO2-alarmism, which he has made very clear in media outside Sweden. The question is now if LB will participate in forming the revision or not?

If the standpoint of LB as skeptic will dominate the revision, which is reasonable since he is the leading climate scientist in the Academy,  then the new statement will express skepticism to CO2-alarmism and there will be no scientific foundation for the current Swedish climate politics.

If the standpoint of LB shows to be incompatible with that of the Academy, then the revision will be formed without the participation of the leading climate scientist in Sweden and then will have no weight, and the result will be the same.

It seems that interesting times are awaiting the Academy and Swedish climate science and politics.

For an account of the related GWPF story see Climate Depot.

LBs recent article pointing to small climate sensitivity has been rejected to publication on political grounds since it question the dogma of climate alarmism. See article in The Times and Roy Spencer.

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