fredag 17 september 2021

Euler Was Right, Prandtl Was Wrong II

I am working on a new article to be expanded to a book with the title Euler Was Right, Prandtl Was Wrong  which can be seen as a summary of my work on fluid dynamics for 30 years together with former students Johan Hoffman, Johan Jansson and Anders Szepessy. In short, our work shows that the following prophetic declaration by Euler from 1755, indeed is fully correct:

  • My two equations contain all of the theory of fluid mechanics. It is not the principles of mechanics we lack to pursue this analysis but only Analysis (computation), which is not sufficiently developed for this purpose...We have to wait until the age of the computer to solve the equations.
And yes, we now live in the age of the computer and then Euler's two equations as a parameter-free model can be solved in the form of Euler CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and so open a whole new world of turbulent flow to prediction, analysis and control, without any further need of mathematical modeling with parameter fitting. 

Euler CFD is to be compared with Prandtl CFD as the Standard CFD developed during the 20th century based on Prandtl's boundary layer theory including complicated wall and turbulence models with many parameters, which does not offer true predictive computation, as the legacy of the declared Father of Modern Fluid Mechanics

Take look and see what you think. This post directly connects to the discussion in recent posts with Doug McLean representing Standard CFD. See also previous post.

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