fredag 13 augusti 2021

The Secret of the Pythagorean vs Aerodynamics Communities

The Phythagorean Society was founded on the scientific principle that the World can be described in terms of natural numbers and quotients of natural numbers as rational numbers = All is number. It was discovered that the length of the diagonal of a square with side 1 being equal to $\sqrt{2}=1.41421356...$ by Pythagoras theorem, is not a rational number (a so-called irrational number with a non-repeating infinite decimal expansion), which was to be kept as a secret within the society. But it was revealed by Hippasus who then the story goes was drowned in a cover-up, but it did not help and the Pythagorean Society quickly collapsed to be replaced by the Euclidean School based on geometry = All is form. 

The community of modern aerodynamics is built on the principle that Navier-Stokes equations with a no-slip boundary condition contains all there is to say, including an explanation of how a wing generates large lift at the expense of small drag as a theory of flight. However, the fact is (as clearly demonstrated in last posts supported by the fact that NS with no-slip is uncomputable and so tell nothing directly) that there is no commonly accepted scientific theory of flight. This is a known fact within the aerodynamics community but is withheld as a secret from the people of the World e.g. in the Wikipedia article on Lift (force) coming with a claim that there is such a theory. But no such theory is presented. As a remedy only a collection of theories all shown to be incorrect/incomplete is offered to the people in a cover-up unprecedented in the history of science, after Pythagoras.

The New Theory of Flight challenges this secret revealed by Scientific American as: No one can explain why airplanes stay in the air. The discussion with aerodynamics expert Doug McLean shows an expected reaction of denial of the aerodynamics community. What will the price be to tell the truth? What will happen to the aerodynamics community when the secret is fully revealed?

PS1 The discussion with Wikipedia on Lift (force) article has now been lifted to next level (Physics).

PS2 As just one example of the confusion concerning the physics of flight/lift, consider the explanation in Understanding Flight by Anderson and Eberhardt based on the Coanda effect (supposedly caused by viscosity), which is refuted in the Wikipedia article on Lift (force) as one of many incorrect theories (without presenting any correct theory).

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