måndag 27 januari 2020

Boeing 737 Max: Perspective and Questions

The BNP of Sweden is about 500 billion USD, and that of the US 18 000 billion USD, about 40 times as big reflecting a population of 10 million in Sweden and 300 million in the US.

Today nearly 1000 Boeing Max are grounded each one selling for 100 million USD with a total of 100 billion USD grounded, about 20% of the BNP in Sweden and 0.5% of the BNP of the US.

The yearly revenue of Boeing is about 100 billion and the total stock value 200 billion USD.

  • Will the Max ever fly again? What happens with Boeing if not? If half of the total value is lost? 
  • Why did the Boeing engineers design an airplane which showed to have a tendency to stall? 
  • Was it because they used standard CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software which could not predict stall?
  • What new CFD software will be required to get the Max in the air?
PS Boeing 797/NMA Is Going Back To The Drawing Boards:
  • Boeing has shelved all of its plans for the ‘797 NMA’ and has been asked to return to the drawing board by its new CEO.
Will the 737 Max also be returned to the drawing board?  Compare with this post.

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