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Special Relativity as Unphysical Views on Views

The conclusion of the last sequence of posts on Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity SR is:
  • SR is an unphysical theory about views on views, not a physical theory about views on physics.
In SR the views of two different observers, $X$ using a $(x,t)$-space-time system and $X^\prime$ a $(x^\prime ,t^\prime )$-system, are demanded to be related by the Lorentz transformation connecting the coordinates in the two systems.  Through the Lorentz transformation the view of $X^\prime$ in the $(x^\prime ,t^\prime )$-system is coordinated with the view of $X$ in the $(x,t)$ on a light signal propagating in the $(x,t)$ system with speed 1. 

SR thus prescribes the view of $X^\prime$ in the $(x^\prime ,t^\prime )$-system on the view of $X$ on a light signal in the $(x,t)$-system, under the condition that $X^\prime$ is denied the possibility to directly observe the light signal in the $(x,t)$-system, while $X$ can view it to travel with speed 1 (and $X^\prime$ views an independent light signal in the $x^\prime ,t^\prime )$-system to travel with speed 1).

SR is a theory about the view of $X^\prime$ on the view of $X$ on physics in the form of a light signal traveling with speed 1 in the $(x,t)$-system, and vice versa!

SR is a theory about views on views on physics, where the views on physics are reduced to a light signal traveling with speed 1. 

SR with one observer with one view on physics is Galilean physics of light traveling with speed 1.

SR with several observers is non-physics of views on views. All the paradoxes of SR result from confusing non-physics with physics. 

The physics of SR is simple and clear in the form of light signals propagating with speed 1 in all inertial systems. The non-physics of SR with views on views is confusing and paradoxical from physical point of view, since it leads to an infinite loop of views on views on views ... into a nightmare of repeated space contractions and time dilations without physical meaning. 

The insight that SR is epistemology without ontology of physics was clear to the physics community when Einstein presented SR in 1905. This was the reason Einstein abandoned SR in 1907 to never return.

Recall that Lorentz said that the view of $X^\prime$ on the view of $X$ on physics, is not physics.
In particular the transformed time $t^\prime$ is not real time only "local time", and that it was Einstein who took the step to proclaim the local time = real time, against Lorentz.

Recall that SR boils down to the Lorentz transformation supposedly derived by identifying two different light signals in two different systems to be the same light signal, which is unphysical and the origin to all the physics paradoxes carried by SR.

The confusion of two signals into one was made possible with the invention by Einstein of the new concept of event as "something" which can be labeled with coordinates $(\bar x,\bar t)$ in an $(x,t)$-system, however without any physics specified. This made it possible for Einstein to remove the physics of launching two different light signals in two $(x,t)$ and $(x^\prime ,t^\prime )$-systems into two events with the same coordinates $(0,0)$ in the two systems, and identify the two events without physics to be the same event without physics, and then finally reintroducing physics by claiming the two different light signals are one and the same light signal since the originate from what is viewed to be one and the same event. Thus from physics to events without physics and then back to physics. Einstein was a master of this form of deceitful unscientific reasoning switching between ill-defined concepts and so created a new standard of modern physics.    

It is a mystery that SR has survived into our time as a foundation of modern physics, although SR is no longer part of the education of a modern physicist because there are no longer any professors in SR able to teach the subject.

PS The get perspective on the above concept of "a view on a view" as non-physics, consider the following examples:
  • $X$ viewing/experiencing a definite pain in the neck goes to doctor $X^\prime$, who takes a view on this view of $X$. Even if $X^\prime$ is capable of some empathy, does it mean that $X^\prime$ also experiences pain in the neck, or can it even be that $X$ views the view of $X^\prime$ to be a simulation and not real pain?
  • View your arm when lifting it in front of a mirror, and then view the same thing when looking into the mirror and note that the person in the mirror lifts her/his right arm.          

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