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Was Einstein a Swindler?

What is the most compelling argument showing that Einstein's special theory of relativity as based on the Lorentz transformation connecting observations by different observers in different coordinate systems (inertial systems) moving with constant velocity with respect to each other, is unphysical and thus void of scientific content?

You find this argument in a previous post showing that although Maxwell's equations, as a form of wave equation, describing the propagation of electromagnetic waves including light, which is the central object of study in the special theory of relativity, takes the same mathematical form in different inertial systems, and thus appears to be invariant as requested by the special theory of relativity, initial conditions are not invariant and thus the whole point of relativity theory evaporates. We recall that an initial condition represents a configuration of an object extended in space, like a wave form, at a special instant of time.

The fact that this is not seen in presentations of relativity is a result of Einstein's restriction to consider events in space-time as isolated flashes at specific coordinates in space $x$ at specific instances of time $t$ described by space-time coordinates $(x,t)$. The unphysical aspect of such isolated flash-like events, is that they have no spatial extension and thus do not appear in the form of initial conditions for a wave equation. By restricting events to concern objects of no spatial extension, the non-invariance of initial conditions for a wave equations with a collapse of the basic idea of special relativity, can be hidden and success can be declared. This is what Einstein did, and the world was stunned!

But real objects/waves have extension in space, even flashes, and so their physics cannot be described by the special theory of relativity. The special theory of relativity is thus unphysical and as such is loaded with physical paradoxes, including the Ladder Paradox arising because a ladder has spatial extension.

Are you convinced by this argument? That the special theory is unphysical because it concerns physics without extension in space. If you are convinced, what is then your conclusion about the status of modern physics with the special theory of relativity declared as a corner stone? If the corner stone is unphysical, what about the building erected on the corner stone? So was Einstein correct when he described himself as a swindler? For more evidence see Many-Minds Relativity, in particular section 5.9 and Dr Faustus of Modern Physics. Or maybe you say that we must leave physics to physicists even if they are misled by a swindler?

PS1 The above argument shows that the idea of Lorentz invariance of Maxwell's equations is misconceived. The logical conclusion made in Many-Minds Relativity following an idea of Ebenezer Cunningham, is that formulation of Maxwell's equations requires specification of a Euclidean spatial coordinate system with the observer in normal case tied to its origin. Such a coordinate system acts like an aether for propagation of electromagnetic waves, and there are thus as many aethers as Euclidean coordinate systems. Einstein said that there is no aether, and then there can be no Maxwell equations and no electromagnetic waves and no light...

PS2 The logical conclusion from the Michelsen-Morley null result is that there are many aethers, as many as there are Euclidean coordinate systems and that physical laws in general take different forms in different coordinate systems, while expressing the same physical reality. Einstein's idea that true physical laws take the same formal mathematical form in all (inertial) coordinate systems represents a fundamental misconception of the meaning of a physical law. It is like claiming that a statement about a physical fact necessarily must have the same form in all languages, while it is clear to everyone with a rational mind that different languages express the same thing in different ways and not with the same words. Yes, Einstein was a swindler and led modern physics into a quagmire, but this is something modern physicists are unable to fathom. If you think this analysis does not capture reality ask your favourite physicist about the physics of special relativity and notice that you get no meaningful response.

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