tisdag 17 januari 2017

David Deutsch on Quantum Reality

David Deutsch is a proponent of Everett's Many Worlds Interpretation MWI of quantum mechanics under a strong conviction that (from Many Worlds? Everett, Quantum Theory and Reality, Oxford Press 2010):
  • Science can only be explanation: asserting what is there in reality.
  • The only purpose of formalism, predictions, and interpretation is to express explanatory theories about what is there in reality, not merely predictions about human perceptions.
  • Restricting science to the latter would be arbitrary and intolerably parochial.
These convictions forces Deutsch into claiming that the multiverse of MWI is reality, which many physicists find hard to believe, including me. 

But I share the view of Deutsch that science is explanation of what is there in reality (in opposition to the Copenhagen Interpretation disregarding reality), and this is the starting point of realQM.

Concerning the development and practice of quantum mechanics Deutsch says:
  • It is assumed that in order to discover the true quantum-dynamical equations of the world, you have to enact a certain ritual. 
  • First you have to invent a theory that you know to be false, using a traditional formalism and laws that were refuted a century ago. 
  • Then you subject this theory to a formal process known as quantization (which for these purposes includes renormalization). 
  • And that’s supposed to be your quantum theory: a classical ghost in a tacked-on quantum shell
  • In other words, the true explanation of the world is supposed to be obtained by the mechanical transformation of a false theory, without any new explanation being added. 
  • This is almost magical thinking. 
  • How far could Newtonian physics have been developed if everyone had taken for granted that there had to be a ghost of Kepler in every Newtonian theory—that the only valid solutions of Newtonian equations were those based on conic sections, because Kepler’s Laws had those. And because the early successes of Newtonian theory had them too? 
Yes, quantum mechanics (based on Schrödinger's linear multi-d equation)  is ritual, formality and magical thinking, and that is not what science is supposed to be.

The logic about Schrödinger's linear multi-d equation then is:
  1. Interpretations must be made to give the equation a meaning. 
  2. All interpretations are basically equivalent.
  3. One interpretation is MWI.
  4. MWI is absurd non-physics.
  5. Linear multi-d Schrödinger equation does not describe physics.

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