onsdag 1 juni 2016

Many Big Bangs: Universe Bigger Than You Think

Astronomer Royal Lord Rees has made a statement:
  • There may have been more than one Big Bang, the Astronomer Royal has said and claims the world could be on the brink of a revolution as profound as Copernicus discovering the Earth revolved around the Sun.
  • Many people suspect that our Big Bang was not the only one, but there’s a whole ensemble of Big Bangs, a whole archipelago of Big Bangs.
  • The theory is still highly controversial, but Lord Rees said he would ‘bet his dog’ on the theory being true.
This fits with the view I have presented in posts on a new view on gravitation, dark matter and dark energy, with gravitational potential $\phi$ viewed as primordial from which matter density $\rho$, which may be both positive and negative, is generated by 
  • $\rho = \Delta\phi$, 
through local action in space of the Laplacian $\Delta$. In this model a Big Bang corresponds to a small local fluctuation of $\phi$ around zero, which generates an much bigger fluctuation of matter density by the action of the Laplacian. 

In this model substantial matter may be generated locally from small fluctuations of gravitational potential opening the possibility of an endless number of Big Bangs seemingly created out of nothing. 

You can test the model in the app Dark Energy on App Store.

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