måndag 26 oktober 2015

New Theory of Flight Published in J of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics.

Our New Theory of Flight (together with Johan Hoffman and Johan Jansson) has now been published in Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics (online behind paywall and free originally submitted (2012) preprint) .

New Theory of Flight springs from our resolution of d'Alembert's paradox formulated in 1755, published in JMFM 2008, and shows for the first time that both simulation and understanding of the miracle of flight is possible with present computer and brain power. As such it has every chance of becoming a landmark article, as expressed by the Editorial Foreword:

  • The special character of this article requires some comments by the editors on the purpose of its publication. ...the implications of the argument and the accompanying novel numerical computations are of such far reaching importance for technical fluid dynamics, particularly for the computation of certain features in turbulent flow, that it deserves serious consideration. The main purpose of this publication is therefore to stimulate critical discussion among the experts in this area about the relevance and justification of the view taken in this article and its possible consequences for modeling and computation of turbulent flow.

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