torsdag 28 maj 2015

"Back Radiation" as Violation of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

A new article by Martin Herzberg in Energy&Environment reviews & summarizes the NIPCC Report Climate Change Reconsidered -Physical Science. In particular, Herzberg gives the following devastating review of the phenomenon of "back radiation" supposedly being the "heating mechanism" of the "greenhouse effect:
  • The most prevalent definition or heating mechanism involves what is referred to as “back radiation”. Greenhouse gases absorb some of the IR radiation that the Earth’s surface radiates toward free space after it is heated by solar radiation. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, ”reradiated energy in the IR portion of the spectrum is trapped within the atmosphere keeping the surface temperature warm.” 
  • This mechanism has the colder atmosphere blithely and spontaneously emitting radiant energy toward the warmer surface. 
  • That energy is supposed to be absorbed by the Earth’s surface and heat it further. 
  • Thus the warmer surface should get even warmer by absorbing energy from a colder source: in direct violation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
Advocates of CO2 alarmism work hard to meet this argument claiming that the violation of the 2nd Law is only apparent: "Back radiation" always comes along with "forward radiation" and the net radiation is always from warm to cold and so the 2nd law is not violated. The trouble with this way of handling the objection expressed by Herzberg (and myself), is that "back radiation" and "forward radiation" are supposed to be independent physical processes as "two-way flow of infrared photons",  and at the same dependent coupled processes guaranteeing the the 2nd laws is not violated. 

But independent processes which are dependent, is a contradiction and so the effort to save "back radiation" from joining phlogistons in the wardrobe of unphysical processes, comes to nil and so the "greenhouse effect" is "hanging in the air" without scientific basis.       

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