tisdag 8 december 2009

Mathematics of Global Warming

Peter Landesman states in the  article The Mathematics of Global Warming in American Thinker: 
  • The forecasts of global warming are based on mathematical solutions for equations of weather models. But all of these solutions are inaccurate. Therefore, no valid scientific conclusions can be made concerning global warming. The false claim for the effectiveness of mathematics is an unreported scandal at least as important as the recent climate data fraud. Why is the math important? And why don't the climatologists use it correctly?
Good question! But this opens a vast field for efficient correct computational mathematical modeling of weather and climate. This connects to my previous posts on climate simulation including
The World asks for a restart of climate modeling, by computational mathematicians! We are ready! The code words are:

Even if it will not be possible to do meaningful longtime predictions, improved climate modeling can give scientific insight into the intricate thermodynamics of weather and climate.

Climate modeling is the only way of reaching understanding, since controled experimenting is impossible. In particular it seems impossible to single out the influence of anthropogenic burning of fossil fuel from unknown other forcings.

The collapse of current climate modeling controled by a few governmental institutions, thus may open the field for a broader participation including computational mathematicians. 

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