onsdag 23 december 2009

Nobel Prize Winners and Climategate?

The British star reporter Zeinab Badawi from BBC tries to get a reaction on Climategate from
this years Laurates assembled in the Royal Bernadotte Library at Stockholm Castle for a Swedish Television show on Dec 22.  

Surprisingly, nobody expresses any anger or criticism over the violation of scientific principles
in Climategate. The common conclusion seems rather to be, to the disappointment of Badawi and the Swedish people,  that this is the way science is, in particular at the frontiers of knowledge as in the case of climate science: Nothing to get excited about. Over time incorrect results will be corrected, by possibly new incorrect results and so on. That's how science is advanced. 

The same relaxed attitude is taken by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarding Nobel Prizes: The Academy has made a statement on climate change in support of IPCC denying Climategate. The Academy and its Laurates thus seem to take the common standpoint that Climatgate is a non-event. 

It seems that from a Nobel Prize viewpoint, Climategate is considered as most uncommon, so improbable that it cannot have happened, and at the same time most common just following the standard of normal science. 

But if so, science has lost its most valuable asset and has become just like any other kind of more or less dirty business or politics. Or maybe it has always been like that?

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