torsdag 3 december 2009

Sciencegate of Fluid Dynamics

The origins of the collapse of climate science now unfolding in Climategate can be traced back to the basic scientific discipline of fluid dynamics, because the global climate is created by the fluid dynamics of the coupled system ocean and atmosphere driven by the Sun and the rotation of the Earth.

The truth is that, which is hard to believe at first sight,  fluid dynamics collapsed as a science in the beginning of the century along with the collapse of classical mechanics as observed in The Age of Unreason and Reason, when Ludwig Prandtl presented a resolution of d'Alembert's paradox from 1752 of zero drag and lift in slightly viscous flow. 

d'Alembert's had shown that theoretical fluid dynamics predicted that an object would move through air without any force acting on the body from the fluid. Thus wings could not generate lift to carry a bird or airplane and there would be no resistance to motion. This made fluid dynamics into a mystery since start. 

This mystery lasted until the beginning of the 20th century, because a rational resolution of the paradox seemed impossible, but then the came the collpase of the Age of Reason which openend to irrational resolutions: Ludwig Prandtl quickly cooked up an explanation for drag and the mathematicans Kutta and Zhukovsky for lift, which lasted uncontested through the 20th century. But both explanations were physically incorrect, which was understood but kept secret in order to maintain scientific credibility. 

This was precisely what the Pythagoreans did with the irrationality of the squareroot of two, which threatened their school based on natural numbers. But the secret was revealed by a whistle-blower and the geometric school of Euclid took control, until Descartes resurrected numbers and initiated the scientific revolution leading into our digital world.

But the truth implicit in presentations by NASA is that:
  • The fluid dynamics of generation of lift by a wing is unknown!
  • The fluid dynamics of generation of drag is unknown!  
NASA presents three incorrect theories of lift, but no correct theory! Read and check! NASA does not seem to know more than Leonardo da Vinci, but is kept as a secret.

But there is a new resolution of d'Aembert's paradox which resolves these issues as shown in Why It Is Possible to Fly. The new resolution is published in a refereed journal of high class Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics. It has massive mathematical, computational and experimental support. But it is suppressed by the scientific journal controlling the minds of fluid dynamicists in the World: Journal of Fluid Mechanics JFM. 

Unfortunatley science is extremely authoritarian: What the chief editor JFM says dictates the beliefs of all fluid dynamicists on the globe, more effectively than the Pope controls all catholics.

This breathtaking story is told in my previous blog posts under theory of flight including
and interviews with key actors such as NASA and JFM. I hope you will read and get amazed, by scientific fraud and real science, just as in Climategate! It is a good story! 

In short, since fluid dynamics is a mess, no wonder that climate modeling is a mess. And the moment when this will be acknowledged in "I was wrong" from Al Gore or Michael Mann or Jim Hanson seems to be approaching...Or that The Royal Society and The Royal Swedish Academy say "We were wrong".

A key question is the heat transport from ocean through the troposhere by turbulent convection to the stratosphere and out by radiation. It should be possible to simulate this process with the new fluid simulators now available, as well as ocean circulation. We are gearing up to this challenge ...hopefully filling some space left free in the aftermath of Climategate...

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