söndag 20 december 2009

The Truth of Wikipedia and IPCC NonTruth

My own shocking disappointing experience with Wikipedia documented in Wikipedia Inquisition gets new actuality in the light of the recent posts on Watts Up With That on how Wikipedia controls the truth of climate science.

In the Wikipedia article on Global Warming the truth of IPCC is presented and skepticism
to climate alarmism gets three lines at the end. Climategate is not mentioned. 

The science of Wikipedia is controled by anonymous editors or wikipedians who control scientific truth to their taste. This violates the most fundamental principles of science of openness with the truth being defined by named living scientists held responsible for their scientific findings and claims.

The fact that scientific truth today is defined by the authority of closed societies of non-scientists, takes us back the Inquisition before the Enlightenment with religion defining the laws of physics of the World.

In this situation is absolutely essential that scientific institutions like the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences adheres to principles of science instead of principles of non-science of Wikipedia and IPCC revealed  in Climategate and defended by Al Gore.

A tale of the ongoing battle between science and non-science is told in Climatgate: A 2000-page epic of science and skepticism Part 1 and Part 2 by Terence Corcoran. 

The collapse UN climate politics is described in The Party is Over.

BBC is finally moving in a direction of questioning AGW alarmism.

Assessments of Copenhagen gives a sum-up of the accomplishments of Obama and Brown.

Wall Street Journal reports that the carbon permits market slided into  €12.41 ($17.73) per metric ton Monday, while:
  • Investors in low-carbon or no-carbon energy technology, such as solar panels, wind turbines and nuclear power, say the prices for carbon permits must be much higher than current levels -- in some cases, as much as €60 a ton -- to make their systems cost-competitive with coal, oil or natural gas.
It does not look too good...It Is Time for Plan B...

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