fredag 18 december 2009

Goodbye Swedish Engineering

Today we get the expected message that GM will shut down Saab. We recall our previous analysis: The fundamental reason is that Swedish engineering education is old-fashioned and ineffective. 

Now we hear clever people saying: OK, no problem, we can always produce something else than cars, since we have such a good engineering tradition in Sweden . Yes, we have traditional engineers, but not the modern engineering competence required today, because the education is old-fashioned. Not even Leif Johansson, chairman of Volvo AB and Teknikdelegationen, understands:
  • I am not to complain about the standard of Swedish engineering education. 
This is the basic problem: LJ is himself a product of a traditional engineering education, and is incapable of understanding what is today required to be competitive. If people in charge of Swedish industry cannot understand that Swedish engineering education cannot rest in tradition, but has to be modernized, then the consequence is that Swedish industry will be shut down. It is not even clear that we can shift to producing wheelbarrows if cars don't work out. Too bad, but who cares?

The next to go is Volvo Car, sold to Ford 10 years ago by Leif Johansson. Too bad, but...

The basic reason Swedish car industry is now being dismantled, is that it was sold out 10 years because Swedish industrial competence was no longer sufficient. Why? Old-fashioned education?

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