tisdag 15 december 2009

Who Controls The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences?

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences expresses that its statement in support of the climate alarmism of IPCC will not be changed because of Climategate, nor because three leading climate scientists in the Academy have signed a contradictory statement.

Since Swedish climate policy, now forcefully pushed by our Minister of Environment Andreas Carlgren leading EU through the Copenhagen Summit, rests on the statement by the Academy,
it seems necessary to seek to understand why the Academy is making a statement  in contradiction to its own scientific experts and prefers not to see Climategate as a violation of basic scientific principles. The question presents itself to what extent the Academy statement is a political statement resulting from political pressure? 

I believe it is in the interest of the Academy to make this clear, in order to maintain credibility as a scientific institution in charge of Nobel Prizes.

It is also necessary that the Academy takes a position as concerns the 100 reasons why climate change is natural listed by Daily Express. It will require a long statement for refutation. 

Concerning suspicions of scientific fraud in the inner circle behind the IPCC report, see Letter to Penn State University.

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