torsdag 3 december 2009

A Dependent Investigation of Climategate

The allegations of scientific fraud at CRU led by AGW alarmist Phil Jones will be investigated by an Independent Review headed by Sir Muir Russell. The investigation should include also The Royal Society supporting CRU. Sir Muir became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh RSE in 2000. RSE states on its webpage:
  • The science that indicates that climate change is resulting from greenhouse gas emissions is well established, with the only real uncertainty being the scale of the future changes. Even if an ambitious international settlement can be achieved at the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit, Scotland will need to adapt to the climate change that is already inevitable.
In other words, RSE is on the same bandwagon as CRU and The Royal Society. Is it credible that Sir Muir can make an independent investigation without also leaving RSE and including also RSE in the investigation?

Compare with previous posts on The Royal Swedish Academy and The Royal Society

Another chief AGW alarmist Michael Mann is also under inquiry, by Penn State or State Penn.
Mann claims that skeptics consistently "badgered" Jones to try to distract him from his research. Amazing, what a clever plot by skeptics!

Meanwhile Americans are getting increasingly skeptic: Just 26% say it’s not very or not at all likely that some scientists falsified data. 

And Al Gore cancels his major Copenhagen lecture: Climate Conclusion. Why? Maybe because he concluded something by listening to Nigel Lawson in the Munk debate of Dec 1: I believe in reason.  During my long life I have never seen such a big difference between political rethoric and action as in climate politics. The debate changed the score from predebate: pro 61% and con 39% to postdebate: pro 53% and con 47%.  Evidently Lawson did a good job. 

The Gore cancellation is motivated by unforeseen changes in Al Gore's program for COP15. What is his program there, if not to lecture?

  • no more talk that science is settled
  • climate science has gone to bed with advocacy
  • climate science has shown to be a subbranch of climate politics
  • the stink of intellectual corruption is overpowering
  • climate science needs its own reset button.
What would happen if The Royal Swedish Academy, and why not The Royal Society, dared to listen to the crushing analysis of Rex Murphy? But The Royal Swedish Academy probably only listens to the state-controled Swedish Television SVT and Radio SR ordered to send an alarmist message to support Reinfeldt in his mission at COP15. SR reports today through Johan Rockström:
  • accellerating trends, tipping points, irreversible
  • climate science confirms global warming exactly as predicted by climate science, more or less
  • we stand between dangerous and catastrophical global warming
  • we can trust climate scientists: bit after bit is added to the knowledge puzzle
  • some Climategate emails do not change anything:
  • all universities, all scientific academies all over the globe, all agree on AGW.
Amazing! But the order of sending an alarmist message is fulfilled! Good job!

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