tisdag 24 november 2009

KVA, Nobel Prizes, Statement on AGW, IPCC and Nobel Humbug

To The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences KVA 

KVA awards the Nobel Prizes in Physics and Chemistry and to maintain the high prestige of these prizes, it is necessary that KVA gives an impression of scientific competence to the World. 

As the scientific credibility of IPCC is now being seriously questioned, KVA cannot continue to rely on IPCC without losing credibility itself and thereby damage one of the cornerstones of the Kingdom of Sweden. KVA therefore must revise its statement on AGW and express a scientific view independent of IPCC, or withdraw the statement and say nothing. The Nobel Prize ceremony is coming up in two weeks, and neither the King nor the people wants to make it into a joke.

As long as KVA keeps silent, Swedish media will do the same, since in Sweden nobody dares to question Nobel Prize authority. But an Emperor without clothes easily loses credibility...see video clips e.g. the debate between Chris Horner and Howard Gould.

The very essence of science is in jeopardy, and KVA must rethink: In its Message to the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference KVA states:
  • Time is of the essence for radical urgent changes to the global energy system. The  world has been increasingly powered by fossil fuels over the last 150 years and now this trend will  have to be reversed in a much shorter time period. Huge changes that will affect and concern  society and individuals will have to take place in a well thought-out manner. The political decisions  made over the next few years will profoundly affect future generations. 
This is a statement of a scientific society with a political agenda of "huge changes". But the mission of scientific society is science, not politics. Unfortunately,the climate science of KVA is the climate politics of IPCC,  as expressed by Alfred Nobel:
Aldous Huxley warned in Brave New World for scientific dictatorship as a world government managed by functional elites and scientists, as did Bertrand Russell in The Impact of Science on Society. The analysis of Huxley and Russell seems to be as actual and relevant as ever.

No reactions 25/11 from KVA on my letters of 3/11 and 22/11. I suggest KVA listens to e.g. Alex Jones Part 1 and Part 2 or James Inhofe and for a moment tests the hypothesis that what is being said is true, and if the answer is yes, KVA takes some action.

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