lördag 14 november 2009

Big Bang of Unscrambled Eggs

Caltech theoretical physicist Sean Carroll explains to us in Why does the Universe look the way it does? that 
  • The reason we find a direction in time here in this room or in the kitchen when you scramble an egg or mix milk into coffee is not because we live in the physical vicinity of some important object, but because we live in the aftermath of some influential event, and that event is the Big Bang. The Big Bang set all of the clocks in the world. When we go down to how we evolve, why we are born and then die, and never in the opposite order, why we remember what happened yesterday and we don’t remember what is going to happen tomorrow, all of these manifestations of the difference between the past and the future are all coming from the same source. That source is the low entropy of the Big Bang…
If you think this sounds like understandable meaningful science, you are probably a theoretical physicist participating in the Quantum to Cosmos Festival featuring Carroll speaking on The Origin of the Universe and the Arrow of Time. 

If you don't think this makes any sense at all, I can join you and offer an alternative to Big Bang as the origin of the difficulty of unscrambling eggs: finite precision computation.

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