tisdag 17 november 2009

Obama: Global Climate Accord with Immediate Operational Effect

The Australian reports that Barack Obama and Hu Jintao push for climate deal with immediate effect as announced in a press conference. Obama explained the meaning of "immediate effect":
  • we are creating a joint clean energy center
  • we agreed to work to a successful outcome in Copenhagen
  • this kind of comprehensive agreement would be an important step forward in the effort to rally the World around  a solution to our climate challenge
  • we agreed that each of us would take signifiant mitigation actions and stand behind these commitments.
Altogether words without much content. Obama also informed Jintao that
  • all men and women possess certain fundamental human rights
  • these are universal rights which should be available to all peoples and to all ethnic a religious minorities. 
The stone-face of Jintao did not change, but he swallowed once and blinked. 

Der Spiegel is upset: Obama Lied to the Europeans:
  • Barack Obama cast himself as a "citizen of the world" when he delivered his well-received campaign speech in Berlin in the summer of 2008. But the US president has now betrayed this claim. In his Berlin speech, he was dishonest with Europe. 

Maybe something in Obama is starting to become skeptic, by reading the Wall Street Journal article Revenge of the Climate Laymen.
Or maybe something in Obama is shaking when reading that almost two-thirds of weathercaster in the US disagree that “global climate models are reliable in their projections for a warming of the planet”.

Before meeting Jintao Obama bowed to the Emperor of Japan, which has caused head-lines in the US accusing Obama of showing weakness. Is the feeling of the soul coupled to the posture of the body? Is Obama bowing to science?

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