lördag 21 november 2009

The Vasa Ship: Well Built But Badly Proportioned

On August 10 1628 the warship Vasa tipped over and sank in the harbor of Stockholm on its maiden voyage along with 50 of its crew of 150. In the resulting trial it was decied that
  • the ship was well built but badly proportioned
and nobody was held guilty for the disaster. The ship can now be studied in the Vasa Museum in Stockholm after having been lifted out of its sleep on 24 April 1961. 

This illustrates the present state of Swedish engineering education: We can build solid cars but they are badly designed, because the education is old-fashioned. As in the Vasa trial, nobody is held responsible for this state of affairs...See previous posts Why Swedish Car Industry Has Been Sold Out and The Sad Result of Swedish Low-Tech Education. For Saab there is already a Saab Museum in Trollhättan... 

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