onsdag 25 november 2009

Man-Made Global Warming

Fred Singer comments on the IEA Blog:
  • The Climategate disclosures over the past few days, consisting of some thousands of emails between a small group of British and US climate scientists, suggest that global warming may be man-made after all – created by a small group of zealous scientists
  • It would seem they have used flawed data, phoney statistics, and various “tricks”. They appear to have covered up contrary evidence and refused to open their work to the scrutiny of independent scholars. 
  • It has also been suggested that by keeping out “intruders”, by reviewing their own papers, by capturing scientific journals and intimidating editors, they have tried to suppress dissent. 
  • I consider the whole matter a great tragedy not only for science but also for the institutions involved and for many of the scientists involved who have in fact spent many years and whole careers on their work. Inevitably, the public’s view of science will be affected and this will hurt all of science. 

Swedish media like DN and SvD only show pictures of maltreated pigs, but Norway is more alert: Glovarmt om oppvarmning...Searching on climate gate on DN and SvD gives no hit. Reinfeldt should not get distracted...Google only gives 18.800 hits, while there are more than 2 million pigs in Sweden...Compare with what Lennart Bengtsson has to say about Swedish media.

Read the shocking story by Roger Pielke Sr on E-mail Documentation Of The Successful Attempt By Thomas Karl Director Of the U.S. National Climate Data Center To Suppress Bias and Uncertainties In the Assessment Surface Temperature Trends.

And CEJournal on Monbiot: environmentalists in denial over CRU emails by Tom Yulsman making the important point:
  • The email raises a legitimate question about the integrity of the peer review process, and also about scientific transparency. It would be one thing if we were dealing with the science of cosmic strings, which probably has no relevance to anyone other than geeks like me who get off on understanding the origin, evolution and structure of the universe. It’s a completely different thing when we are dealing with science that supports the case for transforming the economy of the entire world. People won’t be willing to go along if they have the impression that something’s fishy with the science, or that scientists aren’t being completely transparent.

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