torsdag 1 oktober 2009

Hurrah! Scientists Back in Spotlight!

100 years ago scientists were leading the debate by forming the new wonderful world of modern physics. Einstein was preparing his entree to the general public to become the most famous person all times. Then came the wars, science was discredited as something useful for evil purposes and the interest decreased,  among students and in the general public.

But with the debate on global warming scientists again are back on track: Today nothing is more important than mathematical climate models and scientific measurements and their accuracy and relevance. Are we approaching a hot hell or not? Only scientists can tell. Politicians listen. The general public waits...

But scientists do not agree, and so there is an intense debate going, in particular as a preparation for the Copenhagen meeting on climate in December, which can be used in a case study of scientific method and practice.  The web is filled with conflicting information, but let us start with something which just appeared:
This is bad news for climate alarmism, but the debate is not over. Global climate is a complex dynamical system and a real challenge to science. As long as the debate is raging money will flow into climate research and give a boost to classical physics and fluid mechanics...and above all to computational mathematics...and there are new computational tools ready to do their service to we will report on later...

An overview is given in the 4-slide presentation The Actual State of Climate Science by Roger Pielke SrRead, also presented on a video featuring 2 alarmists and 2 critics allowing a study of typical arguments of the debate.

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