onsdag 7 oktober 2009

Physics is Wrong, says Penrose

Sir Roger Penrose states as an old wise man in an interview in Discover entitled Physics is Wrong, from String Theory to Quantum Mechanics and in a Princeton lecture:
  • Quantum mechanics is an incredible theory that explains all sorts of things that couldn’t be explained before ...but it doesn’t make any sense, and there is a simple reason: It should describe the world in a completely deterministic way, but it doesn’t.
  • The biggest figures in quantum mechanics, Schrödinger, Einstein, and Paul Dirac, were all quantum skeptics in a sense. 
  • I blame quantum mechanics, for increasingly fantastical theoretical physics, because people say, “Well, quantum mechanics is so nonintuitive; if you believe that, you can believe anything that’s non intuitive.” 
  • When physicists finally understand the core of quantum physics, I think it will be a beatiful theory.
The standpoint of Penrose is compatible with Many-Minds Quantum Mechanics based on a deterministic version of Schrödingers equation as a non-linear system of three-dimensional wave equations, instead of a scalar linear equation for a many-dimensional wave function as in the Copenhagen probabilistic interpretation, which Schrödinger refused to accept.

So there were quantum sceptics among the founders of quantum mechanics, but like constructivist mathematicians they were cleansed from main-stream science in the purges of the 1930s. However, during the present crisis troubling both mathematics and physics these sceptics have gathered new momentum and seem to be coming back into the discussion... see for example The Born Probabilities also discussed on Not Even Wrong in Sounds Familiar.

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  1. I enjoyed this post, I've read Penrose, and find his ideas interesting. I have an interest in relativistic quantum mechanics where I've posted my notes and blog about them from time to time. Cheers.