fredag 23 oktober 2009

A Hole in the Stockings of IPCC Detected by DN

DN reporter Karin Boijs today discloses that the chairman of the UN Climate Panel IPCC Rajendra Pachauri, sharing the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore, is a vegetarian with a hole in the stockings, who travels extensively by air without climate compensation, because as Pachauri says: 
  • That only deafens a bad conscience, and  I am not sure that the money is used in the right way.
On sceptics to IPCC, Pachauri says: 
  • They can believe whatever they like, new knowledge has always been met by some sceptics. Some people will go through life without believing in the evidence we are seeing. The good news is that the number of sceptics is decreasing. For example, the media mogul Murdoch and Exxon is now investing money in green technology.
But is it true that the number of sceptics is decreasing? Not in the US according to a recent poll.
And the true resaon to invest money in green technology, isn't it that huge profits would be possible on an IPCC market?

In the present situation with both the Swedish Government and Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences being steered  by Pachauri, an independent press has an important mission to fill. Why is DN backing off from its basic obligation? What does Karin Boijs say in response to the so far 60 comments to the article, all sceptic? Nothing apparently. Why Thorbjörn Larsson, is DN abandoning its readers?

No response of course: On Oct 25 DN Opinion repeats the threat  "The World Is Melting" leaving both readers and critical journalism behind. Why is DN propagating an urban legend? Why should I continue my DN subscription? 

Richard Lindzen, Prof of Atmospheric Research at MIT and leading climatologist, describes in his talk Deconstructing Global Warming the one-sided desinformation reprsented by DN as follows:
  • Why do we need to deconstruct global warming? Simply because it has been an issue that has been routinely treated with misinformation and sophistry abetted by constant repetition, institutional endorsements, and widespread ignorance even (perhaps especially) among the educated. Because of the increasingly dangerous and expensive approaches being promoted to deal with this alleged problem, it is, I think, important to understand what is being said as well as to understand how climate actually works.  

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