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Recognition from Being Black-Listed

Germany’s version of the EPA, the Umweltbundesamt (UBA) unleashed a wave of outrage with the publication of a 123-page pamphlet dubbed: “And indeed it continues to warm – What’s behind the climate science debate” (background here). The government pamphlet defames and blacklists US and German climate skeptic scientists and journalists. 

Yesterday Spiegel published satirical commentary authored by Jan Fleischhauer saying that basically the state has officially declared skeptics as misfits and that everyone should stop listening to them. The UBA defamatory pamphlet singles out veteran journalists Dirk Maxeiner and Michael Miersch for “not being in line with the latest state of knowledge of climate science“. Fleischhauer writes:
  • If this were about anything less important than global climate, one could take the UBA’s intervention as a badge of honor: There are not many journalists in Germany whose works are so shattering that they would be put on a black list. I know people who would kill to get that kind of recognition.”
This reminds of my own situation of being defamed and black-listed by my own university (the Royal Institute of Technology or KTH) in the form of censorship of my ebook Mathematical Simulation Technology, enforced by KTH by not allowing linking to the book on web controled by KTH.    

I can say the same as Fleischhauer: There are not many scientists in Sweden whose scientific work has been censored by "book burning" as the effect of eliminating links to an ebook. In fact I know of no such case. 

Therefore I should probably feel very honored by the undisputable recognition coming from being black-listed and web-censored by KTH.

Of course, the reader asks why my ebook is censored by KTH? To this question KTH has no answer: When the book was first censored in 2010, it was suggested by KTH that the reason was connected to the mathematical analysis of some simple climate models, but what was so wrong with this analysis was never made clear. In the continued censorship in 2012, climate modeling was no longer mentioned and so the censorship of today is not motivated at all. 

The argument is instead cleverly turned around as follows: Since the book is censored today, and was censored before, there must be something in the book that must be censored, which thus motivates that the whole book is censored! No smoke without fire! Delete the link!

But as the censorship is now being brought to court, the question comes back: Did ever the President of KTH ask what in the book is so wrong? What answer from the censoring activists at the School of Engineering Sciences, did the President then get? Did the Presdient endorse the censorship without understanding the reasons presented? Or even without reasons?

PS1 No, the President knows the reason very well. The reason for censorship is that the book tells a devastating truth (which climate skeptics also do) about the education at KTH, which cannot be met by argument and thus has to censored. What is it then that cannot be said? Read the first chapter of the book and find out yourself! There is a link to the book on this blog. Hint: It is a truth which becomes more true with every day that passes. Another hint is given by the President of Stanford University. 

PS2 Even if there is some undisputable honor in being black-listed by censorship, there is a cost from defamation which asks for indemnity in the coming legal process.  

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